Many people check their Facebook between four and more sessions on their birthday  according to a Facebook IQ survey, some people in Europe and the UAE celebrate their birthdays across several days.

Concluding that party planning takes place on and offline and on Facebook even creation start from 14 days with peaks on the fourth to the fifth day before the actual birthday.

This is an opportunity for marketers  because last minute planners are not using their digital devices as much as they could. Those people who extend their birthday are planning for longer, they’re 3.5x more likely to say they selected the date of their celebration more than six months in advance, compared to those who do not extend their birthday.

Facebook’s survey found that most people would rather receive their birthday wishes through a Facebook post, rather than a traditional birthday card in the post, or a text message because they can react instantly.

On Instagram, we see people also post about the celebration, top hashtags include: #birthday, #love, #happy, #cake, #party, #flowers, #birthdaycake, #presents and #gift.

Facebook allows you to target ads at people with upcoming birthdays, and their friends.people are spending their time online, but they’re not always making their party purchases there. Discounts on shipping and speedy delivery could make the difference for the last-minute party planner.